Landscaping is often considered simple lawn care or a mowing job, although it includes a lot more than that on a bigger scale. Most commonly, landscaping maintenance service includes mowing, pruning, tree removal, cultivation, fertilization, edging, and broadleaf application. Jo Landscaping Inc. is a professional landscaping company for a long time and can provide various homeowners’ various beneficial services. Some of the most common services necessary for a healthy landscape are tree and shrub pruning, spring, fall cleanup, edging and mulching, irrigation issues, and lawn renovation.

Jo Landscaping Inc., can help you create beautiful landscapes with water features, wildlife areas, and even golf holes and sports spots. We provide yard services or hardscaping, and our services are for both business property owners and homeowners. Property maintenance and its appearance is significant since it increases the value of that property or house. If you do not maintain landscaping for your property, it will eventually become challenging to do all at once.

Most Asked Questions

Most animals and insects are looking for something specific. Butterflies feed on nectar so that you will need lots of flowers, and they are particularly attracted to pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange flowers such as aster or goldenrod.

Everyone prefers springtime as spring is one of the seasons when you can enjoy seeing your plants grow. However, in actuality, the fall season can be even better because cooler weather means there will be less stress on your newly planted plants.

Sure, doing your yard work and landscaping project sounds exciting and cheap, but there are more than a few reasons why you should hire a professional to do this job. Professional landscapers have years of experience, and they understand wildlife, plants, water, and natural ecosystems better than others. Usually, they have studied a great deal about landscaping, which allows them to be naturally prepared for many things that you might miss.

Nothing ever comes with zero maintenance, but this question is mainly dependent on more than a few things, including the types of plants you choose, the lawn structure and its objects, such as a pond, and the installed systems in your lawn.