Snow Removal / De-icing application

Snow Removal / De-icing application

Jo Landscaping Inc. also provides snow removal and deicing services along with landscaping services. If you are in Detroit, MI, or anywhere nearby, your snow is ours to take. Whether you are looking for snow removal, snowplow, or deicing services, Jo Landscaping has got you covered. We can remove snow from your driveways, front walkways, roofs, sheds, garage, and basically from anywhere you need. Why choose us? Because we provide professional landscaping services and realize the importance of your outdoor space, so your snow removal work will be done with the utmost care while maintaining your landscape’s beauty.

You can choose from our different snow removal plans, snow plowing, and deicing service based on your requirements. Our services are for both commercial and residential settings. No job is too big or too small for us; we do every work passionately and rely on our staff’s professionalism. We will carefully identify your lawn features, objects, and curbs before performing the snow removal. We can also guide you when you need snow removal service in the future as it can mean the difference between starting your day on time or being stuck at home and not being able to leave your driveway.

Most Asked Questions

Absolutely! We can take care of your snow problems, whether someone is present in the house or not.

Certainly! Most of the work is done after midnight, so you can readily utilize your driveways and sidewalks in the morning.


Yes! We carefully analyze your outdoor space to notice your lawn features and objects to avoid any collateral damage.

All of our employees get yearly training and are educated about the best snow removal practices, and can service custom properties with the utmost care.