Weekly Lawn Mowing Services

Weekly Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing is a passionate job, and frequently mowing can be a real hassle if not done with utmost care. We provide full services for lawn care and maintenance and servicing trees in the areas of Michigan. If you are in Detroit, you can call us to discuss a weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing plan. Lawn mowing is more than just cutting grass; it is an art that requires extensive knowledge and experience. Jo Landscaping has been in this business for years and understands different dimensions of keeping a lawn healthy and protected from weather & environmental conditions.

Proper lawn mowing is not just operating machinery, our team of professionals takes special care and attention to make sure that your lawn and landscape is healthy and growing the way it should. Weekly lawn mowing allows our mowing professionals to carefully analyze your lawn and landscape for weed control and pest issues while monitoring the soil’s condition and preventing any problems arising due to it, ensuring a healthy property. Our staff is friendly, courteous, and professional. This allows you to discuss the mowing plan with them openly, and our experts can prescribe a fertilization and treatment package in case of any deficiency. 

Most Asked Questions

Normally, your lawn should be mowed when the grass is actively growing. Most commonly, weekly mowing is the rule. However, some properties may require cutting more often. At the same time, other lawns grow slowly and only need mowing once every ten days.

The optimal height for lawn and grass is three to three and a half inches tall. It is important to note that taller grass protects from heat and drought. This eventually results in hindering the development of weed, and ultimately, you will not have to spend resources in controlling the weed.

The best time to water your lawn is in periods of drought. Most commonly, if you step onto your property and your footprints are visible, it means your lawn needs water. The best time to water your lawn is from early morning till late morning, 6:00 AM till 10:00 AM.

The short answer is to mow before you fertilize your lawn.